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Sonic Frequency Records

Sonic Frequency Records
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Music Production

From original compositions to revamping existing ideas, we'll create music that aligns with your project's style and tone.

Soundtrack Production

We specialize in crafting soundtracks that seamlessly integrate with your film, video game, commercial or other visual media.


Mixing & Mastering


We meticulously balance instruments and vocals, creating a clear and cohesive soundscape.


We enhance your overall audio by fine-tuning EQ, compression, and other mastering techniques, ensuring your track sounds professional and translates seamlessly across different listening environments (streaming services, speakers, headphones).​​


Vocal Recording

Capture your voice in a pristine, sound-treated environment, perfect for singers, voice actors, and podcasters.


Guitar & Bass Recording

Our studio boasts specialized equipment and experienced engineers to ensure your instruments sound warm, clear, and punchy.


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Sonic Frequency Records is a label created in 2024 with the purpose of making, recroding and releasing elctronic music to the world. This records label is all about releasing deep and energetic music. Music that comes from the Soul. Music for the Love of Music. Music that comes from deep within. Smooth and Deep House Feelings but also Post Rock and "Post Electronic". Social Protest. Against discrimination and economic lobbies! Freedom of speech and Freedom of thoughts! Spirituality and Faith, allways. Live Life like it's the last day & Feel the Music!
Danny Waters is the founder and manager of Sonic Frequency Records.

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